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our story

Calgary's art scene was missing a key component: a professional jazz orchestra. The city was filled with world-class talent, but musicians needed a stage to shine. Recognizing this gap, Johnny Summers founded the Calgary Jazz Orchestra (CJO) in 2004.   

Since then, this musical family has grown, expanding to include many core orchestra members and creating a tight-knit community. You can feel the camaraderie in their smiles on stage and in their music. They aren't just a jazz orchestra, but a supportive crew forging creative music experiences, learning, and growing together. The CJO is an inclusive collective, consistently welcoming special guests and musicians to showcase their talent and be part of the team, bringing new musical colors and cultural explorations to the stage.   

The Calgary Jazz Orchestra Society is a recognized charitable organization focused on performances and music education in Canada.

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introducing our celebrated musicians. These world-class artists make the calgary jazz orchestra the fun-loving, high quality and exceptional group you will experience at our concerts and events.

music/artistic director


Johnny Summers, Director and Founder of the Calgary Jazz Orchestra, is a professionally trained vocalist, trumpeter, arranger, composer, director, and educator.

“One of our greatest joys as performers is to dream and create these shows for you. To present a huge range of what music has to offer and our passion for it. All of us together, in a beautiful room, bathed in light and the soul of sound, enjoying laughter, art, and community in a shared experience.”



Gerry Hebert
Richard Harding
Sean Craig
Shane Statz
Sarah Matheson-Nadeau


Brian Walley
Tim Embree
Dylan Martin
Greg Robertson


Jay Michalak
Johnny Summers
Jon Day
Richard Scholz


Guitar - Neil McVey
Piano - Egor Ukoloff
Bass - Kodi Hutchinson
Drums - Jim Johnston


Johnny summers

2023/2024 season


Al Muirhead - trumpet
Kathie Van Lare - trumpet
Samantha Whelan - trumpet
Darcy Stamp - violin
Rachel Hersey - Violin
Andrea Poon - viola
Maria Vander Hoek - Cello 
Bob Fenske - percussion
Midnight Taiko - taiko drummers
Alandra Mazil - vocals
Donald Ray Johnson - vocals
Hannah Smart - vocals
Jameson Debruyn - vocals
Tim Williams - guitar, vocals

our music

Our concert series offers two themes each night, catering to anyone looking for a great night out. From blues and soul to Disney and holiday, we bring iconic tunes to life. The music of our heroes like Duke Ellington, Tony Bennett, John Coltrane, Tommy Banks, and Frank Sinatra is always exciting to perform.   

While some music is purchased from the estates of these legends, Johnny Summers composed or arranged most of the magic you hear. Uniquely crafted for our musician's strengths and our audience's enjoyment, we always offer a tailored night of music.   

All arrangements by the CJO are available for purchase for your professional orchestra or can be re-arranged for your community orchestra or high school band. Please get in touch with the CJO for more information. 

new single

my one and only love

Performed by the Calgary Jazz Orchestra, arranged, orchestrated and produced by Johnny Summers, to feature our own Richard Harding on saxophone.

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holiday single

let's do it again, this christmas

Presenting a special edition original Christmas single with fun, old-school Motown vibes by Johnny Summers with the Calgary Jazz Orchestra.

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Listen & Watch

contemporary arrangements of new and classic popular jazz music by the calgary jazz orchestra and johnny summers

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The CJO Society has evolved into a cultural institution that enriches the city's cultural landscape through its captivating performances, educational initiatives, and contributions to the world of jazz music. The CJO's story exemplifies how a shared passion, dedication, and desire to create something remarkable can lead to the establishment of an enduring musical legacy.


The Calgary Jazz Orchestra Society popularizes jazz by producing professional and accessible jazz orchestra performances and educational opportunities for a growing and appreciative audience in Calgary and beyond.


To advance the public's appreciation of the arts by providing high-quality musical performances in public places and to advance education by providing musical instruction to musicians of all ability levels.

2023/2024 season

board of directors

Johnny Summers - Artistic Director/Founder
Mark Scholz - President, Director
Sara Bacsalmasi - Treasurer, Director
Quinn Lippit - Secretary, Director
Erin Summers - Director
Joseph Bahhadi - Grant Writer Officer
Adam Pettigrew - Grant Writer Officer
Ethan Disler - Elevate Music Officer

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Giving financially to the Calgary Jazz Orchestra (CJO) is a powerful way for individuals to contribute to the vitality of Calgary’s cultural scene. Even modest contributions make a significant impact by enabling the CJO to continue presenting world-class jazz performances, fostering musical education initiatives, and engaging with diverse communities. Donors who contribute $500 or more will receive complimentary concert refreshments for the remainder of the 2023/2024 season and be listed on our website.

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raising the next generation of inspired musicians

Elevate is the Calgary Jazz Orchestra's education branch. Its aim is to promote jazz culture, music, and education in order to inspire passion and appreciation for the complexity, beauty, and significance of jazz music among people of all ages. The program specifically seeks to keep jazz music exciting and relevant for upcoming generations here in the beautiful city of Calgary and beyond.

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Whether you desire the grandeur of a full orchestra performance or the intimate charm of a smaller ensemble, we offer bespoke musical experiences tailored to your unique event. From captivating your guests with soulful melodies to energizing the atmosphere with infectious rhythms, let us craft the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable occasion.

Explore our educational performance programs through Elevate Music and embark on a journey of musical enrichment.

Contact us today, and together, let's create a captivating show that transcends expectations and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

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